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                   About the Friends of Watch Hill

The Friends of Watch Hill (“FOWH”) is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization and a NYS Sales Tax Exempt  Registered Charity whose mission is to promote the recreational use of Watch Hill while preserving its natural resources and beauty.  FOWH conducts and/or participates in raising funds and related activities solely for the purpose of improving the recreational facilities at Watch Hill

FOWH advocates for improvements at Watch Hill and has developed a strong working relationship with both the National Park Service (“NPS”) and the Concessionaire (“Fire Island Concessions”).  FOWH has approximately 300 members who enjoy Watch Hill for extended vacations, a weekend get-away or for a day-trip.  Many of our members are boaters while several others are campers, beach-goers and nature lovers.  Some of our accomplishments towards improving the park follow. 


· Installed ten Mosquito Magnets in 2011-15 complete with platforms and enclosures and  maintain them on an ongoing basis as part of our Mosquito Control Program

. Purchased New Stainless Steel Water Fountain for Ferry Terminal Area

. Built a replacement bayside deck at the end of the bay beach walkway for park visitors to enjoy beautiful sunsets over the Great South Bay.

. Conduct bay and ocean beach clean ups

. Installed a new Town Clock in the Commons Area with flower box .

. Installed new foot showers at the dune station and Marina Walkway with the help of the Park Service.

. Installed new benches in the nature walk and will be installing new benches at the entrance point of  the marina.

. Conduct safe boating programs at Watch Hill.

 Ongoing / Future Projects and Programs:

.  Continue our Mosquito Control Program actively seeking donations to do so

·  Continue bay and ocean beach Clean Ups

·  Continue safe boating programs

·  F.O.W.H. will be installing new magnets as part of our Mosquito Control Program

                                                                   To contact us:

                                                              Friends Of Watch Hill               

                                                                      PO Box 60

                                                                 Oakdale, NY 11769